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Be it any occasion, our men also need to look like a handsome prince for their gorgeous princesses. And yet, it is true that there is so much of craze and buzz around bridal wear that we often ignore the equally large collection of Asian wedding wear for men. These days Sherwani suits come in a variety of colours but the most trending ones are dark coloured. At our online store, you can choose from a variety of designs as per your choice, be it large patterns or smaller ones, embroidery work around the border or colour variations, be it the velvet Sherwani or the silk one. After all, they must fit closely to your body and must not look shabby or oversized. It doesn’t matter what body type you have, a perfectly fitted Sherwani will help you look more handsome and lends elegance to your look. At our store, you can get this amazing option of customization and tailoring. We help you in getting the right fitting unless you lose or gain weight drastically before the big day. Well, that’s how you can select the right Sherwani suit for yourself. To explore our latest collection, do not forget to browse our Sherwani category. provides the best products to deliver impeccable customer satisfaction in terms of: • Latest patterns • Eye-catchy colours • Trending designs • High-quality fabrics • Reasonable prices
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Sherwani is usually worn in India, Pakistani, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on festive occasions like Eid, Dilwali, Holi and navratri. It is a time of celebration, joy and looking your best. So while women are competing to get head and look their best, Indian men are not far behind. The modern Indian groom understand how important his wedding day is; with every moment being photographed for the rest of his life, the groom wants to look his best. We can make your dream sherwani a reality, by providing you customised services.

Reeshma offers men’s sherwani in huge colour palette from soft shades to bright hues, we produce customised colour combinations for our clients too. They are made with natural materials such as cotton, silk and jacquard; no synthetic or nylons are used in our manufacturing process.

You can accessorize your sherwani with a turban, neckwear, brooch and traditional shoes called the khusa. We can make the entire process easy for you; so get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help you.

Indian clothing is famous around the world; from sherwanis to kurta pyjamas, there are abundant designs to choose from. For Indian men,the sherwani has embroidery work on neckline and handcuffs while salwar and kurta are kept simple. Most designs have buttons which come half way down and give a sleek and sophisticated look. Sometimes the shirt of the sherwani is paired a skin-fit trouser or churidar.
Men’s sherwani has always been a top choice because it allows you to customise it according to one’s own taste and preferences.You can wear it with a plain salwar kurta or accessorize it with turban, neckwear and a brooch. You can also coordinate your turban with your footwear; as it is a popular trend among Indian grooms.
Indian sherwani for men is no less than a masterpiece, it is cut, stitched and styled to perfection and includes intricate print work or handwork like zari, resham, stone, dori and beadwork. At Reeshma, we have them available in a variety of fabrics such as cotton, velvet, satin and brocade.

Sherwani are as integral to the groom as lehenga is to the Indian bride. The sherwani symbolises masculinity, status and sophistication. That is why the Indian man doesn’t leave any expense spared when choosing a sherwani suit for his wedding. If you want to look stunning on your wedding, then make sure to browse through our collection of sherwani suits. We guarantee you will find something that suits your taste and budget.

Reeshma has its own collection of sherwani suits which include a knee-length sherwani worn over a kurta and salwar. Most sherwani designs have buttons on the front which gives the outfit a sophisticated look. You can opt for a plain black velvet sherwani or choose a banarsi red sherwani for a majestic look.
Our materials are handpicked by our designers, check for quality, thread count and durability before it is handed over to the weavers to add embellishments on it. The end result is a beautiful lehenga saree finished to perfection, that won’t let you lag in your fashion game.