Indian Dresses / 18th December 2018

10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About ONLINE BRIDAL LEHENGA

Marriage is the most auspicious and sacred day of a person’s life and everyone wishes to be in one’s best look on a special day. The amount of limelight and the spotlight on the couple is exhausting further adds the pressure on the couple to look beautiful. The online bridal Lehenga could be the ideal go-to option for every bride to rise and shine on her wedding day.

Following are a few secret tips that you did not know about Online bridal Lehenga

  • Body shape and fit: –
  • The online bridal Lehenga that one buys has to complement the bride’s body type and shape. For instance, if the bride has a short height, she could use the high waisted skirt to give an impression of a taller height to the bride. Such arrangements should be made as per the body shape of the bride.

  • Color play and the body tone: –
  • Colours can add exciting additions to your online bridal Lehenga, but the bright and the light have to be chosen while keeping the skin tone of the bride in mind.

  • Fabric comfort: –
  • The fabric used in the online bridal lehenga has to be comfortable to the bride’s skin. It further has to complement the weather and the time of the year the wedding ceremony is scheduled in.

  • Style statement: –
  • The bride should choose her wedding day as the ultimate moment to flatter her sense of style, and should choose her outfit like wisely.

  • Dupatta trends: –
  • The dupatta draping trends have a lot of variations, and hence can be played with to get the perfect style for you.

  • Complimentary make up: –
  • The make-up of the bride should be kept light or heavy so as it complements her online bridal Lehenga perfectly.

  • Venue: –
  • The venue of the wedding ceremony also matters when choosing the online bridal lehenga. If it’s a hill resort, or a church or a hotel, it all has to be kept in mind while making the choice.

  • Timing of the wedding: –
  • The online bridal Lehenga has to be chosen while keeping in mind whether the ceremony is to be held in the day or the night, because the lightning of the night and day may vary the impact and beauty of the dress.

  • Go classical or modern: –
  • The bride could choose to go traditional or she could also choose the modern trends of the online bridal lehenga.

  • Light or heavy lehenga: –
  • Lot of variations in the online bridal lehenga is available; with the heavy and light embroidery; and the variations in the weight of the fabric.

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