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All Hail the Pakistani Designer Clothes with Reverence

Following the fashion trends with alluring Pakistani wedding suits is a whole new trend now. And we are here to help you on how to get stunning looks on Pakistani wedding events as per your taste and style. Before the wedding, the bride-to-be has to prep herself for various other events. Unlike the wedding day where the bride is supposed to be decked in heavy ethnic attires, she can experiment with their trousseau and give herself an all new chic look. A well curated confluence of traditional design and contemporary sensibilities always manages to steal the show. And you can incorporate the same in your outfits.

  1. Incorporating the Traditional Pakistani Look

You can add a dash of classic Pakistani embroideries like zardozi or aari work to elevate your look. The fine thread work of traditional Pakistani bridal wear forms the perfect option for your wedding. You can also opt for the option of floral patterns if traditional embroidery doesn’t call to you. Elaborate bursts of florals are versatile and look elegant on everything ranging from a wide variety of Asian designer wear. From cocktail lehengas to gowns you can have a plethora of available options. If going over the top is not your thing then add some glitter on the fringes, tassels or sheer layers of your ensemble to keep it minimal yet chic.

2) Pairing Pakistani Wedding Clothes with Regal Jewellery

You can also opt for cape gowns to amplify your statement look for various wedding events. Sheer capes are the hottest trend of the season and modern day brides are not shying away from embracing it. This trend has the capacity to stand out on its own so don’t bog the look down with heavy jewellery, a chic pair of drop earrings will aptly suit the outfit. In case an out-and-out regal look is on your mind then experiment with colours like teal with a dash of golden embroidery. Bijouterie is the main highlight when it comes to your wedding look. If you want your jewellery to do the talking then go for gowns with subtle shades like lavender. Team it up with a choker and a neat bun. For the makeup, smokey eyes will definitely do the trick.

3) Majestic Gowns for Contemporary Chic Look

For an extremely well put together look, choose a gown from our wide range of trendy Pakistani designer clothes that is hassle-free and contemporary. While going the contemporary way, opt for gowns that have a flare. The degree of flare can vary depending upon whether you want a princess look or not. You can get your gown embellished and also add plume detailing. Choose out of a plethora of necklines are a good choice if going bold is what you want. Gowns with flare is a good option for all the body types but the excessive degree of flare can make one appear exaggerative. A dainty pair of earrings and necklace will suffice to complete the look. Pull your hair back in a sleek ponytail or a vintage bun to get a more polished look.

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