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Casual wear means that you have the liberty to wear any dress as per your choice since casual implies that there is no dress code to be followed. With the passage of time, women have adapted to wear more comfortable clothes in terms ofIndian dresses. And now we can observe that there are formal attires, semi formals as well as casual Indian attire. At Reeshma, we are presenting our exclusive salwar kameez collection from our casual wear. Here you have the freedom to choose any outfit as per your requirements and create your own options. We have the option of custom tailoring you can wear the salwar kameez with perfect fittings. To explore our collection of best salwar kameez online, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram. provides the best products to deliver impeccable customer satisfaction in terms of: • Latest patterns • Eye-catchy colours • Trending designs • High-quality fabrics • Reasonable prices
Salwar Fabric
  1. Net (11)
  2. Faux Georgette (6)
  3. Jacquard (19)
  4. Organza (10)
  5. Chiffon (49)
  6. Lawn (130)
  7. Swiss (10)
  1. Glossy Glossy (4)
  2. EBA EBA (6)
  3. Adnan's Libas Adnan's Libas (11)
  4. Maria.B. Maria.B. (31)
  5. Emaan Adeel Emaan Adeel (8)
  6. Baroque Baroque (22)
  7. Iznik Iznik (18)
  8. Serene Serene (10)
  9. Sana Safinaz Sana Safinaz (31)
  10. Firdous Firdous (14)
  11. Ramsha Ramsha (12)
  12. Mashq Mashq (10)
  13. ZS Textiles (19)
  14. Mahgul (12)
  15. Jazmin (9)
  16. Alkaram Studio (10)
  17. Nureh (8)
  1. $0.00 - $99.99 (158)
  2. $100.00 and above (77)
  1. White (32)
  2. Blue (21)
  3. Red (12)
  4. Black (18)
  5. Gold (3)
  6. Aqua (6)
  7. Coral (1)
  8. Grey (10)
  9. Purple (12)
  10. Green (19)
  11. Orange (7)
  12. Pink (21)
  13. Burgundy (4)
  14. Beige (4)
  15. Cream (10)
  16. Brown (7)
  17. Yellow (17)
  18. Peach (3)
  19. Silver (1)
  20. Turqoise (13)
  21. Mauve (3)
  22. Mustard (4)
  23. Teal (6)
  24. Ivory (1)
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The clothing industry has grown rapidly in India over the past two decades. A lot of local brands have emerged on the fashion scene and designers are getting bigger with increasing clientele. Brands are competing fiercely among themselves and the demand is increasing every season. Casual salwar kameez is one type of clothing that is worn abundantly in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. A new salwar kameez brand always attracts the attention of thousands of women as Asian women in UK also want to get their hands on the latest casual salwar kameez designs.

That is the reason why casual salwar kameez sales create a lot of buzz as retailers often slash prices up to 75% at the end of the year. Casual salwar kameez is usually made from fabrics like cotton, georgette, faux chiffon and crepe. They may be simple or have printed geometric shapes, stripes or other ethnic designs on them.

You can shop online from our website conveniently and receive your order at your doorstep within seven working days. Our online support team is there to answer any queries or help you with your order. You can also call us if you have any special requests and we will try our best to get you what you want.

The salwar kameez has its origins from the Punjab region in India.The trousers are called salwar and the shirt is known as a kameez. It is often sold with a long scarf or dupatta in matching or contrasting colours. The readymade casual salwar kameez is worn regularly by Indian women in the UK. The only downside is that in the UK, we hardly find tailors to stitch our salwar kameez suits. And if we do happen to live near one, they charge too high which is why buying readymade casual salwar kameez seems like the perfect option.

Our ready-to-wear collection at Reeshma offers casual salwar kameez in almost every fabric; silk, cotton, chiffon, linen, crepe or net. You can buy them in a variety of patterns, geometric shapes, prints and cuts. You can buy them online from us according to your body type, size and taste. Small, medium, large or extra-large, we have all sizes available for you!

Our suits are embellished with heavy embroidery that includes use of zari, gota, stones, sequins, beads and mirror work. You can customise the length and sleeves of your salwar kameez or use our standard measurements.

Salwar Kameez is among the three most popular Indian attires including the saree and lengha choli. It is the only attire which is worn by women of all ages and it can be worn casually out of the three; it’s comfortable, easy to put on and offers great mobility. Casual salwar kameez UK has a diverse and demanding clientele, including British women who appreciate the elegance and practicality of salwar kameez.

The casual salwar kameez is essentially a long shirt called the kameez, loose trousers called salwar and a long scarf (dupatta); which adds the x-factor to the whole outfit. It is available in several fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, crepe and wool in pastel colour palette,floral prints, geometric patterns and paisley designs.

Many handicraft techniques such as block printing, batik or dabka are used to decorate the salwar kameez outfits. Since salwar kameez is native to India and Pakistan, it is difficult to buy it in the UK. Online shopping has allowed women living in the UK to buy, enjoy and wear traditional and ethnic clothing. That is why Reeshma is here for you!

Casual salwar kameez is one of the most famous traditional Indian clothing adopted by women around the world. They are not only simple and comfortable to wear but are trendy and modern. It is a favourite among Indian women of all ages and is suitable for all body sizes and shapes. The traditional salwar kameez is a three-piece attire: salwar, kurta and dupatta, but the new versions have a variety of cuts and styles.

Staying ahead of the trends Reeshma has its own casual salwar kameez collection that includes Patiala salwars, Anarkali and A-line kameez. Our casual salwar kameez features stylish hemlines, roll-up sleeves, and different length options which make these designs very attractive,

If you love to wear something simple, practical and comfortable all day, Reeshma is the answer to all your needs. We offer casual, unique and stylish salwar kameez that you can be proud to include in your wardrobe. It is available in a variety of shades, designs, styles, materials and fabrics with or without dupattas, depending on your requirements.