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Casual wear means that you have the liberty to wear any dress as per your choice since casual implies that there is no dress code to be followed. With the passage of time, women have adapted to wear more comfortable clothes in terms ofIndian dresses. And now we can observe that there are formal attires, semi formals as well as casual Indian attire. At Reeshma, we are presenting our exclusive salwar kameez collection from our casual wear. Here you have the freedom to choose any outfit as per your requirements and create your own options. We have the option of custom tailoring you can wear the salwar kameez with perfect fittings. To explore our collection of best salwar kameez online, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram. provides the best products to deliver impeccable customer satisfaction in terms of: • Latest patterns • Eye-catchy colours • Trending designs • High-quality fabrics • Reasonable prices
Salwar Fabric
  1. Velvet (5)
  2. Organza (4)
  1. Glossy Glossy (4)
  2. Mohini Glamour Mohini Glamour (5)
  1. $60.00 - $69.99 (4)
  2. $70.00 and above (5)
  1. Blue (2)
  2. Red (1)
  3. Black (1)
  4. Grey (1)
  5. Purple (1)
  6. Green (2)
  7. Beige (1)
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