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Festivals are a mark of celebrations and happiness. And to enjoy these occasions at their best, you need to dress up in beautiful designer Asian dresses. To beautify your festive occasions, we are bringing our special festive wear salwar kameez. Traditional salwar kameez can go with any occasion but for festivities, you need to have loud and bright combinations. At Reeshma, you can find the most popular options, be it the subtle colours with floral embroideries or the dark colours with sequin work, or be it the latest gold anarkali suit or the gharara suit, you can explore plenty of options. Our festive wear includes fine quality fabrics of georgette, velvet, net, silk, satin, faux georgette, etc. From popular brands to affordable cost, you can easily find the perfect outfit for your next festive occasion in no time. provides the best products to deliver impeccable customer satisfaction in terms of: • Latest patterns • Eye-catchy colours • Trending designs • High-quality fabrics • Reasonable prices
Lehenga Fabric
  1. Georgette (2)
  1. Glossy Glossy (25)
  2. Maisha Maisha (32)
  3. Nitya Nitya (16)
  4. Mohini Glamour Mohini Glamour (25)
  5. Swagat Violet Swagat Violet (28)
  6. Sajawat Sajawat (28)
  7. Floral Creation Floral Creation (3)
  8. Sybella Sybella (8)
  10. Tathastu Tathastu (8)
  11. Gulzar Gulzar (6)
  12. Zoya Zoya (6)
  13. Amirah Amirah (9)
  14. Vipul Vipul (12)
  16. Zubeda Zubeda (6)
  17. EBA EBA (6)
  18. Karma Karma (1)
  19. Arihant Arihant (8)
  20. Sampann Sampann (5)
  21. Fiona Fiona (14)
  22. Kesari Kesari (13)
  23. Anaya Anaya (6)
  24. Adnan's Libas Adnan's Libas (10)
  25. Maria.B. Maria.B. (45)
  26. Maryum N Maria Maryum N Maria (5)
  27. Crimson Crimson (6)
  28. Imrozia Imrozia (6)
  29. Emaan Adeel Emaan Adeel (20)
  30. Mugdha (7)
  31. Baroque (22)
  32. Iznik (6)
  33. Serene (10)
Salwar Fabric
  1. Georgette (128)
  2. Velvet (6)
  3. Net (135)
  4. Silk (24)
  5. Faux Georgette (10)
  6. Jacquard (15)
  7. Satin (25)
  8. Crepe (3)
  9. Chanderi Fabric (4)
  10. Organza (24)
  11. Rangoli Georgette (1)
  12. Santoon (1)
  13. Chiffon (46)
  14. Lawn (24)
  15. Swiss (10)
  1. $0.00 - $99.99 (268)
  2. $100.00 - $199.99 (172)
  3. $200.00 - $299.99 (15)
  4. $300.00 and above (3)
  1. White (19)
  2. Blue (45)
  3. Red (26)
  4. Black (19)
  5. Gold (8)
  6. Aqua (11)
  7. Coral (4)
  8. Grey (35)
  9. Purple (28)
  10. Green (68)
  11. Orange (7)
  12. Pink (51)
  13. Burgundy (15)
  14. Beige (22)
  15. Cream (16)
  16. Brown (13)
  17. Yellow (18)
  18. Peach (12)
  19. Silver (1)
  20. Turqoise (7)
  21. Mauve (9)
  22. Mustard (7)
  23. Teal (13)
  24. Ivory (3)
  25. Ombre (1)
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Salwar kameez is a perfect outfit to highlight femininity, grace and accentuate your personal style all at the same time. The latest trend in Asian fashion is the surge in wearing salwar kameez on festivals and events.

The salwar is similar to straight trousers and kameez is essentially the tunic which comes in a variety of designs. It may have a round, square or boat neckline along with short or long sleeves. Depending on the season and personal preference, some women also opt for the sleeveless version.

Similar to the kameez, the long scarf or dupatta also comes in a variety of forms. It can be long, short, dyed in multiple colours or have embroidery, patch, applique, stonework or traditional piping along the borders. It is an elegant accessory to put around your neck or to cover your head during cold winter days. One thing is for certain; salwar kameez is surely the ideal outfit to wear on festivals.

Made by our talented artisans using the best quality fabrics, our unique techniques in laser cutting, sewing, 3D printing and screen printing come together to give you unparalleled designs. A trendy salwar kameez from Reeshma will make you feel like a celebrity at a festival who does not walk unnoticed!

Salwar kameez is a popular attire among Indian, Pakistani and Bengali women. There are many versions of salwar kameez trending these days including the short kameez, with tights or churidar and Patiala salwars. It has transitioned from everyday clothing to high street fashion with Asian women flaunting special occasion salwar kameez at formal events. At Reeshma, we have a wide variety of special occasion salwar kameez including bridal wear salwar kameez, party wear and wedding salwar kameez. These stand out from casual salwar kameez due to their bold designs, heavy embroideries and traditional handwork on them.

Eid is a festival celebrated by the Muslim community of India and Pakistan. Muslim women wear shimmering and glistening salwar kameez suits on Eid. Special occasion salwar kameez are perfect for Eid as it includes a cotton salwar with a perfectly matched silk suit with splendid artwork or embroidery work. A masterpiece!

Weddings are also another occasion which are celebrated with full zeal and passion in the Indian & Pakistani cultures and let’s be honest: fancy embroidered salwar kameez are trending at weddings this season, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Meanwhile men can also hop on this bandwagon and wear men’s salwar kameez designed specifically for a festive look.

Asian countries like celebrating a wide variety of festivals and people love to wear traditional outfits at them. Diwali, Eid, Holi, Navratri, Ganesh chathurti are occasions when festive wear salwar kameez are high in demand. These comfortable, breathable and easy to carry which is why so many women opt to wear them during festivals when there is a lot of running around to do.

Women are more willing to shop for clothes before festivals and online shopping is the perfect solution. At Reeshma we stock a huge variety of festive wear salwar kameez so you can save time for other important chores. We offer all our designs in attractive prices with a home delivery service! You don’t need to waste time on getting ready, looking for a parking space or haggling with the salesperson; you can just comfortably on your sofa and choose whatever you fancy.

Right now, we are offering festive wear salwar kameez in a variety of fabrics such as lawn, chiffon, cotton, satin and silk with jacquard options as well. Dozens of websites will offer you a chance of shopping salwar kameez online but Reeshma goes beyond this, we assist you and help you choose the best look because we know how special these occasions are.