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South India has always been famous for its traditional ethnic wear and unique cultural heritage. Most south Indian women choose to wear sarees from an extensive collection of Indian dresses on almost every occasion. They reflect a beautiful combination of traditional and modern style. A traditional South Indian Saree is not only popular in India, but also all across the world. South Indian sarees are popularly known as Kanchipuram Saree or Kanjeevaram Sarees. These beautiful sarees have handcrafted gold dipped silver thread work mostly woven on the silk fabric. The South Indian sarees are famous for their durability since the silk base of these sarees is usually thicker than any other available silk saree. It is one of the popular Indian wedding Saree among women. At our store, you can buy south Indian dresses in many available colours and get them customized as per your requirements. delivers a rich online shopping experience by offering: • Latest styles • Eye-catchy colours • Trending designs • High-quality fabrics • Reasonable prices
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Saree is a staple for Indian women and were once a simple casual attire worn every day. But today saree has become an international trend creating a buzz across the globe. Every woman wants to wear a saree at least once in her life but wrapping a saree can be a daunting task, which is you can buy readymade sarees from Reeshma.

The South Indian saree is no less than a masterpiece, it is more expensive than a traditional saree and is adored by women across India. There are many variations of the South Indian saree including Kanchipuram, Kasavu, Pochampali, Gadwal, Mysore silk and crepe. These sarees are unheard of in the mainstream fashion and are quite rare. These sarees are only bought by families to add to their daughter’s bridal trousseau.

The South Indian saree is draped differently than a traditional saree. The garment is wrapped around the waist and space is left under the belly for pleats which are tucked in after pinning the loose end over the shoulder.



South Indian silk saree


The South Indian saree is made from gold thread called zari to create different motifs that reflect Indian mythology and religious practices. The south indian silk saree are exclusive and rare to find at local shops; these are pretty expensive. The bride’s parents buy South Indian sarees as a part of her bridal trousseau. Another unique feature of a South Indian silk saree is that the colour of the blouse is matched with the base colour of the saree. As gold jewellery is worn excessively in South Indian culture, a red or maroon blouse is paired with a yellow saree to highlight the jewellery even more.


The modern South Indian women are choosing bolder cuts for their blouses which was a rarity in their conservative culture before. Some young women are opting to wear backless or nearly backless designs on formal occasions such as parties, weddings and dinners.The South Indian silk saree will always have a dori to tie the blouse at the back with gota and applique work displaying on the sleeves and back.


If you have a particular design in mind and can’t find it on our website then please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you.


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Indian culture is full of fascinating elements but there is one element that attracts women from all over the world; the Indian saree. It is a real masterpiece as it has been captivating the hearts of Indian women for centuries and has flourished well on the international fashion scene as well.

The Indian saree is a must have for every woman; it is sensual and graceful. It has always been in high demand in India but now Indian communities in the UK are also looking for places to buy them online. Reeshma is here to solve this problem; offering a ton of Indian saree designs at affordable prices. We are currently offering free delivery on orders above £100.


South Indian Saree Design Collection


At Reeshma we know how much our customers love buying South Indian saree designs; which is why we work closely with our artisans to produce glamorous designs. We like to fuse traditional handicrafts with contemporary cuts without losing the ethnicity of the fabric. We are proudly helping in reviving traditional handicraft work such as zardozi, chicken, hand block printing and bandhani in small hubs in India.


South Indian sarees such as Banarsi, Tussar, Kancheepuram, Patola and Kalamkaris are the crown jewel of wedding sarees. These are considered as a family heirloom and passed on from generation to generation. Since these are expensive, care must be taken to keep them in perfect condition; South Indian sarees are susceptible to environmental corrosion. We recommend giving them to professional and trusted dry cleaners who know exactly how to take care of your cherished South Indian saree.


At the moment we have the end of season clearance sale going on at Reeshma, we are offering free delivery on all orders above £100.

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