Nothing shouts magnificence and elegance more than a Saree. The Saree is a must have piece, appreciated in all parts of South Asia and comes in a variety of styles and designs. We provide Saarees for all occasions, from silk Sarees to exquisitely embellished and embroidered Wedding Sarees. Browse our remarkable Bridal Sarees and buy effortlessly online at

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  1. Peach and Grey Embroidered Pakistani Saree
    Peach and Grey Embroidered Pakistani Saree
    Special Price £185.00 Regular Price £210.00
  2. Kumar Embroidered Pakistani Saree
    Kumar Embroidered Pakistani Saree
    Special Price £145.00 Regular Price £175.00
  3. Noor Embroidered Pakistani Saree
    Noor Embroidered Pakistani Saree
    Special Price £149.00 Regular Price £175.00
  4. Reena Embroidered Pakistani Saree
    Reena Embroidered Pakistani Saree
    Special Price £172.00 Regular Price £199.00

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Saree Online Shopping UK


The quintessential saree not only looks elegant but also adds grace. Our sarees are one of the most beautiful outfits that are known for their grace, charm and elegance. They combine intricacies of modern techniques with the boldness of traditional craftsmanship. Our sarees collection comes in a variety of shades, designs, styles, material, and fabric depending upon your taste and requirements.

Our team of designers go to extreme lengths to ensure we meet the needs of every woman. Reeshma has a huge clearance saree sale going on right now with up to 70% off on our casual sarees. We combine traditional handwork like dabka, zari, gota, sequences on our sarees with futuristic technology including laser cutting, image stitching, 3D printing and screen printing. This enables us to offer you unique designs at prices so low you would think our sarees are one sale!


Our designers handpick the materials, check for quality, thread count and durability before it is handed over to the weavers to add embellishments on it. The finished saree has a unique design that is finished to perfection that won’t let you lag in your fashion game.



Latest Sarees Available at Reeshma


If you want to look graceful and sophisticated without making a huge effort, then the latest sarees on sale at Reeshma are perfect for you. They are available in various fabrics, materials, colours, designs, shades, and finishing at affordable prices. You will find silk, cotton, lawn, georgette, chiffon, velvet, crepe and net sarees on sale on our e-store. These are available in semi stitched, unstitched and stitched forms with embroidery, sequins, pearls, threads, zari, prints, and patches.


Our online boutique offers a huge collection of stunning and gorgeous designs. Our sarees are embellished with heavy embroidery that includes use of zari, gota, stones, sequins, beads and mirror work. You can customise the length of the blouse and sleeves of your saree or use our standard measurements.


Made by our talented artisans using the best quality fabrics, our unique techniques in laser cutting, sewing, 3D printing and screen printing come together to give you unparalleled designs. A trendy saree from Reeshma will make you feel like a celebrity at any event!



Designer Sarees Collection


Women love wearing designer sarees as it gives them a sense of grace, elegance and femininity like no other. A saree will flatter any woman no matter what shape she is in and if draped well, it can hide a few flaws here and there. The unique feature of a saree is that it can be worn in different ways and coordinated with different styles of blouses to give a completely new look;you are getting more value for your money. Reeshma has a massive designer sarees sale going on at the moment which you should not miss!


Reeshma’s designer sarees offers you plenty of opportunity to flaunt your style with stunning designs. We will help you find that perfect saree you are looking for; without breaking the bank! We work with talented weavers, printers, craftsmen to create stunning Indian wedding sarees for our customers. Our team of designers love to combine traditional and contemporary worlds to create unparalleled and breathtaking designs for us. We are confident you will find something you love on our website.


Our team of fashion experts like to focus on designer sarees to create a natural balance between Indian aesthetics and modern touches. We offer our customers designer sarees in an array of stunning styles. Be it ethnic, classy or contemporary Reeshma is one place you need to keep in mind when looking for something exclusive.



  1. Indian saree

Indian saree is an eternal fashion trend in Asia. Saree is a mesmerising attire made from a bright coloured garment that is five to seven yards long and often has embroidery on it. It is wrapped around the body from the waist down and then draped over one shoulder. A petticoat is worn underneath which is a simple maxi skirt that helps to tuck in the saree pleats in place.



  1. Cotton saree

If you want to look chic and classy, then cotton sarees available at Reeshma are perfect for you. They are available in various colours, designs and shades in affordable prices making them ideal for everyday wear.  You can find cotton sarees in the stitched or unstitched form with embroidery, sequins, pearls, threads, zari, prints and patchwork.


  1. Silk saree

Silk sarees come in a variety of types such as raw silk, Banarsi, Chanderi, Mysore, Dharmavaram, Patola etc. The most popular silk saree has to be the Banarsi which is worn by Indian women on all kinds of occasions. Silk sarees are challenging to carry and require extra caution while draping. It is recommended to pin in all the pleats so the fabric stays in place and you can carry it with confidence.

  1. Plain saree

Plain sarees have a charm of their own. A plain black, navy or red saree can do wonders for women; they can make you look slim and sexy but in an understated way. You can never go wrong with a plain saree but avoid wearing them on occasions and festivities.




  1. Pattu saree

Pattu sarees are traditionally worn by Tamil women. These sarees have a different style of draping; the fabric is draped around the waist one time and some fabric is left in the middle. The pallu or edge is draped over the shoulder and pinned in place before pleats are added to the waist with the leftover fabric.



  1. Jhilmilaa sarees

Jhilmilaa is not some style of saree instead it is the fabric which is unique. These sarees have heavy sequence work on either the blouse or along the border or the entire saree may have sequences on it.



  1. Bollywood sarees

We know Bollywood divas are fond of Indian sarees and are often photographed wearing these to movie premieres, social events, parties, Diwali and weddings. From Deepika Padukone to Kareena Kapoor, Bollywood actresses never miss the opportunity to wear a saree.



  1. Readymade sarees UK

We at Reeshma have an exquisite collection of readymade sarees for all kinds of occasions with expedited delivery. Let's face it, sarees can be a nightmare to drape and pleat if you don’t practice it which is why readymade sarees make perfect sense.



  1. Wedding sarees

Sarees are a big deal at Indian weddings, from the bride to her mother, sisters, bridesmaids, even the groom’s mother & sisters, aunties all like to show off their personal style in a saree. Depending on what kind of saree you wear, you can either stand out in a crowd or totally blend in too.Depending on what kind of saree you wear, you can either stand out in a crowd or totally blend in too.


  1. Party sarees

Parties are fun! So are sarees; they can be a great bonding experience between a mother and daughter or sisters helping each other out in putting them on. You can wear silk, georgette, net, crepe or ruffles saree to bring on your A-game to any desi party.


Buy Indian Sarees Online


Indian saree is the ultimate clothing trend in India. It is a graceful outfit for women that consists of a brightly coloured piece of clothing that is five to seven yards in length. It is wrapped around the body from the waist down with one end left hanging or draped over the shoulder. Some women in villages use this end to cover their heads as well. A petticoat is worn underneath which is a simple maxi skirt that helps to tuck in the saree pleats in place.


Indian sarees sale attracts a lot of attention; women queue up outside shops and designer boutiques in hopes of buying their favourite design. But waiting in unbearable temperatures can dampen the spirits and a lot of women don’t turn up. Others have responsibilities at home or work, so they miss out on the opportunity. But Reeshma has solved this problem by launching Indian wear online. We are also offering a huge sale on Indian sarees with up to 50% off on most designs. You no longer need to leave the house to buy sarees on sale, you can do that from the comfort of your home.

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