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These days women are crazy for designer sarees UK like never before. From hand block printed sarees to cotton printed ones, several such printed sarees are stealing the hearts of people. The tie and dye techniques used to make printing patterns are beautifully ever-lasting. Undoubtedly, printed sarees are the beloved things that are the favourite of every woman. At, we offer different types of Printed sarees online to enhance your elegance and poise. We deliver them all across the world with love and dedication. These sarees are made from various printing techniques, designs and colours. provides the best products to deliver impeccable customer satisfaction in terms of: • Latest patterns • Eye-catchy colours • Trending designs • Custom Tailoring • Reasonable prices

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Printed sarees are worn daily by women of all classes in India; they are made by using intricate printing techniques such as block printing, 3D printing, laser printing etc. You will almost always find a few printed sarees in the wardrobe of every Indian woman. Printing of patterns is not limited to just one type of fabric; with the advancement in technology printed sarees now come in all kinds of fabrics. Cotton, silk, georgette and crepe are common fabrics used to manufacture printed sarees.
The printed sarees designs consist of strips, geometric shapes, floral images and paisley designs. Some popular printed saree designs include block printed, bagru printed, bandhani printed, batik printed and kalamkari printed sarees.
At Reeshma, we offer branded designs to our in-house label to provide you with a seamless online shopping experience. You no longer need to ask your family and friends to bring you printed sarees from India because we are bridging this gap in the UK market by providing you with everything you need right at your doorstep. Our team goes above and beyond to give you the best of end to end solutions for all your fashion needs.

Reeshma’s printed sarees are one of the most beautiful outfits that are known for their grace, charm and elegance. They combine intricacies of modern techniques with the boldness of traditional craftsmanship. Our printed sarees collection comes in a variety of shades, designs, styles, materials, and fabric depending upon your taste and requirements.
A typical printed saree consists of a brightly coloured piece of clothing that is five to seven yards in length. It is wrapped around the body from the waist down with one end left hanging or draped over the shoulder. A petticoat is worn underneath which is a simple maxi skirt that helps to tuck in the saree pleats in place.
But Reeshma has solved this problem by launching Indian wear online. We are also offering a huge sale on Indian sarees with free delivery on orders above £100 on all designs. You no longer need to leave the house to buy sarees on sale, you can do that from the comfort of your home.