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Sarees that fall under the category of casual wear simply means to choose as per your choice regardless of the event that you are attending. This gives you a great sense of liberty to wear any saree as per your choice since there is no dress code to be followed. But with the passage of time, women are coming out of their zones and have started to experiment with their casual looks by adapting more comfortable Indian Sarees. At Reeshma, we are presenting our exclusive casual wear sarees collection. With multiple options available, you can choose the right one with the feature of custom and modest tailoring. We believe that perfect fitting is mandatory in order to look the best, so we are providing this extensive feature. To explore our collection of best casual wear sarees, don’t forget to check out us on our official online store. believes in providing the best features by presenting: • Superb quality material • Exotic colour combinations • Stylish patterns • Seamless finishing • Reasonable prices

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Casual sarees have a charm of their own. A simple black, navy or red saree can do wonders for women; they can make you look slim and sexy but in an understated way. You can never go wrong with a casual saree but avoid wearing them in slippery or stiff fabrics like satin and net. The unique feature of a saree is that it can be worn in different ways and coordinated with different styles of blouses to give a completely new look.

If you want to look casual yet chic, then the saree designs available at Reeshma are perfect for you. They are available in various colours, designs and shades in affordable prices making them ideal for everyday wear. You can find casual sarees in the stitched or unstitched form in fun prints, fabrics and styles.

Reeshma is offering free delivery on all saree orders above £100. We have our end of season clearance sale going on right now; we guarantee that you will find something you love and will enjoy wearing for a long time. If you have a particular design in mind do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Sarees are a symbol of tradition, culture, heritage and history in India. They have been around for many centuries has evolved over time. A casual saree is typically a five to seven yard long garment that can be draped in a variety of ways. A petticoat is worn underneath which is a simple maxi skirt that helps to tuck in the saree pleats in place. No matter which way you drape a saree; it works! Which is why it gives designers a lot of creative freedom to bring their vision to life with a saree.

Our craftsmen are experts in creating designer casual sarees with floral designs, beautiful textures, vibrant colours and fine geometry. Our team of talented weavers, printers, craftsmen dedicate hours of hard work to create stunning designer sarees for our customers. They love to combine traditional and contemporary worlds to create unparalleled and breathtaking designs for you. We are confident you will find something you love on our website.

We are offering free delivery on all saree orders above £100 which is guaranteed to reach your doorstep within 5 working days.