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The wedding is the most beautiful ritual in the entire life and in order to maintain the beauty of it, the bride along with her bridesmaids need to look the best. And India has again proved to be the absolute destination for the most beautifulIndian wedding dresses when it comes to culture, tradition and history. The way these outfits reflect the inner beauty and poise is completely unbeatable when compared with other outfits in their global counterparts. That being said, Indian rich cultural heritage allows women to innovate in terms of designer clothes and fashion articles. And with this aim, Reeshma is bringing the best salwar kameez exclusively designed for wedding wear. The beauty and intricacy of Indian dresses is a sight to behold. is popular for providing the best customer experience by offering: • Latest designs • High-quality fabrics • Stylish patterns • An extensive range of colours • Reasonable prices
Salwar Fabric
  1. Georgette (128)
  2. Velvet (6)
  3. Net (142)
  4. Silk (24)
  5. Faux Georgette (10)
  6. Jacquard (25)
  7. Satin (25)
  8. Crepe (3)
  9. Chanderi Fabric (4)
  10. Organza (29)
  11. Rangoli Georgette (1)
  12. Santoon (1)
  13. Chiffon (82)
  14. Lawn (44)
  15. Swiss (10)
Lehenga Fabric
  1. Georgette (2)
  1. Glossy Glossy (29)
  2. Maisha Maisha (32)
  3. Nitya Nitya (16)
  4. Mohini Glamour Mohini Glamour (25)
  5. Swagat Violet Swagat Violet (28)
  6. Sajawat Sajawat (28)
  7. Floral Creation Floral Creation (3)
  8. Sybella Sybella (8)
  10. Tathastu Tathastu (8)
  11. Gulzar Gulzar (6)
  12. Zoya Zoya (6)
  13. Amirah Amirah (9)
  14. Vipul Vipul (12)
  16. Zubeda Zubeda (6)
  17. EBA EBA (6)
  18. Karma Karma (1)
  19. Arihant Arihant (8)
  20. Sampann Sampann (5)
  21. Fiona Fiona (14)
  22. Kesari Kesari (13)
  23. Anaya Anaya (6)
  24. Adnan's Libas Adnan's Libas (21)
  25. Maria.B. Maria.B. (44)
  26. Maryum N Maria Maryum N Maria (5)
  27. Crimson Crimson (6)
  28. Imrozia Imrozia (6)
  29. Emaan Adeel Emaan Adeel (28)
  30. Mugdha (7)
  31. Baroque Baroque (22)
  32. Iznik Iznik (18)
  33. Serene Serene (10)
  34. Sana Safinaz Sana Safinaz (8)
  35. Mashq Mashq (10)
  36. Saira Rizwan Saira Rizwan (1)
  37. Alkaram Studio (7)
  38. Nureh (8)
  1. $0.00 - $99.99 (339)
  2. $100.00 - $199.99 (179)
  3. $200.00 - $299.99 (15)
  4. $300.00 and above (3)
  1. White (28)
  2. Blue (50)
  3. Red (30)
  4. Black (27)
  5. Gold (10)
  6. Aqua (14)
  7. Coral (4)
  8. Grey (39)
  9. Purple (31)
  10. Green (76)
  11. Orange (10)
  12. Pink (59)
  13. Burgundy (16)
  14. Beige (24)
  15. Cream (19)
  16. Brown (15)
  17. Yellow (22)
  18. Peach (14)
  19. Silver (1)
  20. Turqoise (11)
  21. Mauve (10)
  22. Mustard (7)
  23. Teal (15)
  24. Ivory (3)
  25. Ombre (1)
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Indian and Pakistani weddings are known for their splendor and extravagance. Apart from dancing and music, Asian weddings are famous for bright colourful attires. Before the actual wedding, there are many events for the bride and groom’s families to attend like sangeet, haldi, mayon, mehndi and more. For these occasion wedding salwar kameez is the best option as they are comfortable yet formal. You can look divine in a fancy salwar kameez with embroidered neckline, cuffs and hemlines. At the same time, you can freely run around and perform your bridesmaids’ duties as well.

Salwar kameez was a common costume for the Mughals in India; it is traditionally a three-piece attire with heavy embroidery work on shirt and a plain trousers that has a contrasting or matching scarf called a dupatta. It was worn by royalty and has stuck around even after many generations have passed. Wedding salwar kameez is always in high demand in the UK, even men opt to lightly embroidered salwar suits.

There is no doubt that wedding salwar kameez will not only make you look stunning; you will also find it comfortable and convenient.

Indian clothing is famous around the world; from sarees to shararas to ghagra choli, there are abundance of designs to choose from. But salwar kameez is the only attire that is favoured and worn by both Indian men and women. For men, Indian wedding salwar kameez has embroidery work on neckline and handcuffs while salwar is kept simple. Sometimes the shirt or kameez is paired a skin-fit trouser or churidar. Indian grooms are usually seen wearing a sherwani over a salwar kameez.

Prior to the wedding, yellow or green wedding salwar kameez is worn by the bride and the groom for Mehndi or Haldi ceremony. Salwar kameez has always been a top choice because it allows you to customise it according to one’s own taste and preferences. You can wear it with long sleeves or short or even opt for a sleeveless look. You can pair it with a salwar, or churidar or trousers or even a sharara to jazz it up.

Indian wedding salwar kameez is no less than a masterpiece, it is cut, stitched and styled to perfection and includes intricate print work or handwork like zari, resham, stone, dori and beadwork. At Reeshma, we have them available in a variety of fabrics such as georgette, net, silk, satin, velvet, chanderi and brocade. Today, even brides love to wear salwar kameez on their most important day!

Pakistan is known for its glamour and beauty. What is also remarkable about Pakistan is the fact that people tend to express their vibrant and colourful lifestyle through their outfits. Pakistanis festivals are recognized around the world, and weddings are no less than a celebration.

Pakistani wedding salwar kameez is not only popular in Asia but is also well recognized in European countries too. During Pakistani weddings, the groom wears kurta with a shalwar and traditional shoes called the khusa or he may opt to wear a sherwani with a salwar or tight trousers (churidar). But we all know weddings are mostly about the bride and what she wants. Everybody wants to know what she is wearing, who she is wearing and where did she get it from. Although a Pakistani bride is always in a lengha, her mother, sisters and all the other women are mostly in wedding salwar kameez

At Reeshma, our Pakistani wedding salwar kameez are handpicked by our designers, check for quality, thread count and durability before it is handed over to the weavers to add embellishments on it. The finished product is a unique design that is finished to perfection that won’t let you lag in your fashion game.

Asian weddings are celebrated with music, dance and a lot of good humour and shopping is the best part. Although it can become difficult to go out with the whole family at high / low temperatures. With the advent of technology, online shopping has made everything a breeze for people to fulfill all their needs. They now have direct access to their favourite designer outfits which can be worn during different events at a wedding.

The salwar kameez is hands down the most popular wedding attire available on Reeshma. We have a team of designers who are solely dedicated to creating salwar kameez for weddings. They are our best artisans and craftsmen whose job is to produce new collections of salwar kameez for weddings only. We use exquisite materials for this collection such as net, satin, velvet, silk and brocade.

Reeshma offers you stunning designs that are a perfect combination of the tradition and modern elements. Buying a wedding salwar kameez from us will save you time and energy so you can enjoy those priceless and beautiful moments before the wedding day without any stress or tiredness!