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Punjabi suits have never gone out of fashion and due to this, they are an evergreen choice for every woman. These Indian dresses are a mark of the cultural heritage of Punjab with amazing styles and patterns. Since you can wear them on any occasion, you must fill your wardrobe with a meticulous collection of Punjabi suits all available at our online store. The traditional Punjabi suit consists of a sleeved tunic-like shirt that hangs till mid-thigh with loose trouser like salwar. Along with this, the dupatta or the scarf is compulsory to wear with it. Usually, they are made from light fabrics like cotton and silk, but it is often more enhanced with printed fabrics and embroidery work. To buy Punjabi suits online, you can simply explore numerous latest designs at Reeshma. provides fine quality products by offering: • Custom Tailoring • Seamless finishing • Beautiful designs • A wide range of colours • Reasonable prices

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